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Moroccan Fresh Mint Tea Wax Melts

Moroccan Fresh Mint Tea Wax Melts

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Moroccan Fresh Mint Tea

soy blend wax melts

 6 x 20g pack


When you’re mid-week and need something calming to ground you.  Try this – sit comfortably and pour yourself a fresh tea.  Scrunch up a bunch of fresh mint, add a half spoon of loose-leaf green tea and a cube of soft brown sugar.  Pour in the boiling water and breathe. Let it cleanse your senses…  Or light this candle which is exactly the same but less effort.


Top Notes: peppermint, spearmint, bergamot, lemon

Middle Notes: tea, coriander, jasmine, basil

Base Notes: cedarwood


hand-poured in the midlands UK.

And don't forget! Every item you buy means another tree planted!






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